Technical Details

Each participating institution digitizied material at their own location.

File format conversion from original format to formats for use on the world wide web site completed by the project coordinators.

Digital Equipment:
12 Hewlett Packard ScanJet 4c flatbed scanners
Gateway 2000 Pentium P5-200
1 Epson scanner
Web Server:
Sun Solaris OS
Apache httpd
File Conversion Software:
LView Pro 2.0 (Win95)
catalog batch conversion method
75% compression quality factor with entropy optimization
Note: for a few files, higher quality was required
Graphic Converter 2.7 (Macintosh)
Batch conversion
guideline: scaling to 100 pixel maximum dimension
GIF89a, normal row order
HTML file authoring:
Text Editors
BBEdit 4.5
Dreamweaver 1.0
HTML/SGML file format:
W3C 3.2 (Wilbur) DTD
Web Techs Validation Service

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