Bradley University Island opens on Second Life

The Library received an Innovative Teaching grant this year to build an island on Second Life and explore the possibilities for education and outreach. We are ready to open the island up officially and will kick it off on Sunday, 30 March 2008, with a concert from Professor Beliveau, known as The Professor in Second Life and as Dr. Ed Lamoureux in real life, or first life. The concert will begin at 11:00 a.m. on the roof of the Student Center and features some of The Professor’s original work, including one about Bradley. You can spot the Student Center by the huge Dance sign and the picture of squirrels playing football, made for us by Judge Canning, a BU alum.

In addition to the concert, we have several sites you may want to see, including a Shinto Shrine and replicas of the library and, more importantly, the Robertson Memorial Fieldhouse and the Lydia Moss Bradley House. We also have kiosks around the Founder’s Circle, with our own Lydia Moss Bradley statue, representing each of the Colleges. You can click on a banner in the kiosk and get a note card giving you information about that college. You can also teleport from the kiosk to that college’s building on our Second Life Campus. We have a winter wonderland complete with polar bears, a snow globe that you can walk into and an ice skating rink with free skates.

We have also decided to feature the work our students and share their talents and knowledge with the world. Below is a list of the exhibits and where they are located on the campus.

On the campus grounds–Joseph Benedict Greenhut display, created by students in the Graphic History course which was a collaboration between HIS 303 (Urban History) and ART 405 (Graphic Information Sytems)

Student Center–Art work by Phoebe Johnson and the final photography portfolios of graduating seniors on the first floor. The second floor has games you can play, including chess, checkers, air hockey, pool and darts.

Cullom-Davis Library–Award winning photos from the Study Abroad competition is on the second floor.

Education and Health Sciences–First floor has poster created by Ashleigh Johnson for an independent study on nutrition. Third floor is dedicated to the Grief Curriculum created by Dr. Lori Russell-Chapin’s ELH620 class.

Engineering–Viewers show photos of the bridge construction event sponsored by Civil Engineering and of the formula race car event from Mechanical Engineering. There is also a viewer showing pictures of a 1967 Aston Martin which is being converted by the Senior Design Team 6 into an alternative fuel vehicle to compete in the Great Race.

Liberal Arts and Sciences–Viewer showing a museum exhibit on the Shelton Gang prepared the Graphic History course is on the first floor. There is also an exhibit featuring covers, art work and poetry from Broadside, a student creative publication.

Slane Communication and Fine Arts–Viewer shows a museum exhibit presentation on Bartonville hospital prepared for the Graphic History course.

Robertson Memorial Fieldhouse–Viewers with pieces from the publication Victory, Honor, Glory and pictures of our basketball teams.

We invite you to come, look around, learn a little, and have some fun. If you have any questions or need any help, please let me or one of the following librarians know: Denise Johnson, Skip Burhans, and Todd Spires. We all have avatars in Second Life and would be glad to help you. If you are in Second Life and would like to be part of the Bradley University Group, please let me know and I will add you. See ya in world.