What should we do now???

I want to start a student advisory group to advise me on what students think is important for the library. Since I’ve been here, we have adjusted the hours to go with the ebb and flow of the semester, added 24/7 for the first floor right before finals, designated some quiet study zones, adjusted the food and drink policy, redesigned our website to make it more interactive, made more electronic materials available, and began Midnight Munchies, to name a few changes. We have also created a presence in Second Life and now have a MySpace page. What else should we be doing? If you want to spend about 1-2 hours per month meeting with me and fellow students about what the library can do or should look at doing, please let me know. I’d like to start meeting in September so please let me know ASAP. I know there HAVE to be some students who have opinions and ideas for solutions. I want you to tell me those ideas and opinions. You can send me email (barbara@bradley.edu or bgalik@gmail.com), call me (677-2830), IM me through gmail or MSN, or contact me in SL (Puglet Dancer). Just get in touch!


One thought on “What should we do now???”

  1. Accepting suggestions, ideas and advice on how things at the library would be omproved is a useful parctice, enabling the student to be active and receive flawless procedures when they need a material.

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